Allegro™ Single-Use Chromatography System

Pall Life Sciences is completing its range of single-use systems for downstream processing applications, with the introduction of the Allegro single-use chromatography system.


Full automation is combined with a disposable irradiated flow path providing control, flexibility and ease of use in manufacturing. The system, in a minimized footprint, includes all the critical process instrumentation for the operation and monitoring of bio-chromatography processes with disposable or conventional columns (10 – 60 cm diameter) and membrane chromatography.


The flexible system design enables installation of ⅜ in. (0.95 cm) I.D. or ½ in. (1.27 cm) I.D. manifolds, with a flow range of 10- 900 L/h reducing capital investment while extending process capabilities. 


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What's Next

Cadence Inline Diafiltration Modules

Single-pass continuous diafiltration made simpler

Single-pass tangential flow filtration (TFF) has revolutionized how TFF is implemented in biotech, vaccine, blood plasma and other applications. Cadence Inline Diafiltration (ILDF) modules will address a gap for the biopharmaceutical industry by completing the product/technology offering for the realization of continuous final formulation.  In addition they  will bring the Biopharmaceutical industry one more step closer to the realization of an end-to-end integrated continuous bioprocessing platform.


This upcoming addition to Pall’s portfolio of single-pass TFF products will have many features and benefits, including:

  • Fully continuous diafiltration in the downstream processing steps
  • Significantly reduced system hold-up volume
  • Easy to use, holderless design
  • Potential reduction of product damage or aggregation due to reduced residence time and shear exposure


The modules will be preassembled and will not need a holder.  Each module will include a preconfigured tubing set that will connect to a feed pump and a diafiltration buffer pump.  Simply torque the module to the recommended setting and it is ready to operate.


The technology will allow for removal factors of ≥ 3-log. Utilizing conventional TFF cassette building blocks with either Delta regenerated cellulose or Omega polyethersulfone membrane will ensure accurate scalability and proven selectivity and low protein binding attributes.  


These products will utilize proprietary technology, as well as technology licensed from SPF Innovations, and may be covered by one or more patents.


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What's Next

Pall Kleenpak™ Nova Capsules with Pegasus™ Prime Virus Removal Filter Membrane

With the launch of Pegasus Prime virus media in 1-inch Kleenpak Nova capsules, Pall will extend the range of formats available to support monoclonal antibody (mAb) processes at all scales.


The 1 inch (0.1 m2 area) capsule is ideal for small-scale clinical production using established batch processing methods, delivering high flows and short process times for mAb processes of up to 100 liters. 


Plus, the robust design space of Pegasus Prime media makes these capsules ideal for continuous processing under low flow and low-pressure conditions over an extended duration.


Whatever your mAb process, Pegasus Prime filters deliver robust virus safety to provide the perfect platform choice for reliability, simplicity and economy.    


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